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young tramp
Look at that fine ass yamp ova der
by jessy March 27, 2003
One who is not really good looking, but exudes sex appeal. Thus making them fuckable.
Steve Tyler
Uma Thurman
by Jessy January 05, 2004
The best version of Faye Valentine cosplay in the galaxy.
Man-Faye is uber hot in those tiny little shorts.
by jessy February 19, 2004
the guardian angel of heavy metal
why did you do it?
by jessy November 29, 2003
n. A sexually promiscuous punk rocker esp. female.
by Jessy June 13, 2003
I think Jelly braceletes are just something fun to wear around i mean there very stylish at my school everybodys wearin them. It sux that everybody has to make such a big deal of things well im not going to stop wering my jellies!!!!!
this is wat they mean at my skool
red-lap dance
orange-hand job
yellow sparkles-kiss and hug
green-kiss/outdoor sex
blue-blow job
by Jessy April 21, 2004
A sexually promiscuous punk rock chick.
"I saw a hot punkerslut at the bar last night!"
by Jessy June 11, 2003

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