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The name Tanita is associated with Lovely/intelligent girls, although a little stolid. The name "Tanita" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess" and has deep Christian roots.

Often Tanita's make it through life not seeing or appreciating the blessings right in front of them skeeting over what could be beautiful relationships/ignoring opportunities that could lead to a more fulfilling life. This is due to the stubbornness associated with the name, and the inability to adapt.

"Tanita's" an incredibly amazing girl who has a big heart and is fun loving, not consertive at all and she's free spirited. "Tanita's" are generally good and nice people but if you get on their bad side they will let you know how much of a stupid fucker they think you are. "Tanita's" are sexy and aren't prude. Normally "Tanita's" are down for anything, but ocassionally they think things through and decide if it's a good idea or not. Don't fear it's not too often. "Tanita's" also digg getting nicknames.

The author of one of my Favorite songs also happens to be named "Tanita" A twist in my sobriety (youtube it I can't link in the definition).
Alittle clueless, totally Tanita.
by JesssssicaSm January 01, 2012

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