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A game in which two females kick each other in the snatch. Whoever is last girl standing wins. This game can be played to either solve a dispute or win money.
The game, like Ro sham Bo, must be played using the feet as weapons. No other weapons, such as the hand, are allowed.
"Jessica, my cootch is throbbing!"
"Why is your cootch throbbing Chrissy?"
"Me and Janine were kicking each other in the snatch earlier. We were going round for round. I won, but I received 32 kicks from Janine in order to win. It was worth it. Adam is now mine, she has to lay off."
"You guys Roshamboxed for Adam?"
"Bitch! Why wasn't I there? There's nothing more exciting than Roshambox...except Third Party Ro Sham Bo, that's the shit!"
by Jessieblondie November 02, 2007

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