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A quickie Blow Job! Usaully ten minutes! It has to be done on your knees with the guy on the bed laying back so the woman has full control! Phrase was originally used for the sexual reference in San Jose CA. By Jessie "Emilie" Love
In the sex industry it is used in reference to a quickie blow job. First the man gives his "gift" (cash $60 to $80).
Then he takes off his pants and lays back on the bed with his feet dangling over the side. The girl then gets on her knees and uses her oral skills until the man has a orgasm! It is always covered and the girl always clean the man up including the little drops... Ex: The man comes to the sex master to get a Blow'N'Go!
by Jessie Love December 28, 2007
A quickie "fuck". A simple wham bam thank you m'am with no frills. The man comes over, strips, pays, the girl assumes the postition, a ten minute sexapade, he cums, he go's!
The "John" went and saw his prostitute for his weekly Zlam'N'Go!
by Jessie Love December 28, 2007

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