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2 definitions by Jessie Hurd

A holiday for people with crackwhores for mothers or other close relatives. Crack becomes the religion of the mother, and thus they don't have any holiday traditions, such as Christmas or Hanukkah.
Celebrated on December 3rd, Crackwhore day is traditionally celebrated with the giving and receiving of various jigsaw puzzles.
Though it began as a celebration for relatives of crackwhores, any are welcome to celebrate this versatile holiday.
Hooray! I was given a Willy Wonka puzzle for Crackwhore Day! Thanks, buddy!
by Jessie Hurd March 17, 2007
A symbol of greeting or acknowledgment that involves the use of both hands snapping the middle finger, then pointing the index fingers of said hands at the recipient of Tha' Nate.
An acceptable exception to the high five when dealing with people who have disgusting hands.
"Hey, man! Do Tha' Nate!"

"Tha' Nate? I'm not familiar with this custom."

"Like this!"

by Jessie Hurd June 09, 2007