47 definitions by Jessie

Hottest mother fucker I ever did see
Jim, you are the hottest mother fucker i ever did see
by jessie April 10, 2003
a male with a really large penis
the kid also called matt gray of malden Ma
by jessie December 26, 2004
to fist fist fisting fisted
dat girl was mad loose, I coulda hand-balled her in 2 seconds.
by jessie January 19, 2004
Another word for Hot Wheels.
Stupid people choak on cock pretzels.
by Jessie November 02, 2004
This name is used to make fun of stalky ugly girls that don't dress good. It is not directed towards anybody. It was simply choosen because it is an ugly name.
Wow, did you see that Margret Abney w/ her mom pants?
by Jessie August 24, 2004
A time where my sad family actully tries to actully act like a family because there's actully food around.
i had a cuncossion on thanksgiving
by jessie November 26, 2003
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