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Yellow = Hug
Orange = Kiss
Red = "Lap Dance"
Blue = Blow Job
Black = Sex
Green = Playing with clit
Clear = Whatever you want
Purple = Anal sex
Silver = Fisting
White = Flahing Tits
Pink = Eating Out
Brown = Analingus
Glow in dark = Sex Toys
Light Blue = Hand Job
Indago = Hand Job with Blow Job
Clear Blue = Everything
Glitter Yellow = Hugging and Kissing
Glitter Green = 69
Glitter Purple = French Kiss
Clear Gold with glitter = Fingering
Clear Pink - Girls chose
Gold = Suck on any park of body
Hot Pink =Make out
Baby Blue = Whatever the Boy wants
Light Blue with glitter = Sex in Water
Mostly people at my school don;t play this game but me and my friends do and well all the guys pull them off the girls don;t really they just go along with it I haven't seen anyone do it but I have heard oh you owe mw and shit but yeah.
by Jessica Daniels October 11, 2004
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