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1. makes bad people go good
2. makes straight men go gay
3. makes everybody no matter who you say the biggest "AWWWWWWWW, how cute!!" you will ever say.
Straightest of straits "OMG, THAT PUPPY MAKES ME FEEL SO GAY!"
by Jessica+Russell <3 February 09, 2009
Chuck Norris's swiming pool
Chuck Norris fell in to a lava spout and almost drownd!
by Jessica+Russell <3 February 09, 2009
a koala made up of symbals on the computer or txt.
@(^0^)@ koala <:3))~ mouse :) :( :0 =) =( =0 =D :D
~o()> icecream
by Jessica+Russell <3 March 02, 2009

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