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2 definitions by JessiDlux

A person, commonly a child, who is addicted to Sparkling cider similar to the way and alchoholic is addicted to Beer or Wine.
Oh my god, Erin is such a Sparkleholic, she drank an entire 750ml bottle of sparkling cider and she's only 10!
by JessiDlux December 31, 2007
The mesurement of speed of a dogs tail.
For every wag per 5 seconds, Its a Ziggydoodle.

2: A mythical creature with the main chariteristics of a mouse, but with antennae and larger ears.
My dog has a average speed of 20 Ziggydoodles.
(It wags its tail 20 times in 5 seconds.)

2: The Ziggydoodle is not real
by JessiDlux May 29, 2007