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A derogatory combination of "Libertarian" and "Retarded".

1. Used to identify a specific brand of libertarian who never shuts the fuck up about their version of "morality" yet demonstrates behavior that makes it obvious they desire all restrictive forces in society to be weaker in order to fuck other people over.

A tyrant wanna-be who calls "Tyranny" against that which stands in his way out of frustration.

2. Used to identify a just plain dumb-as-fuck libertarian, often a basement dweller who believes the government did 9/11 because beams broke at their weakest point just like a bomb would break beams.
It cracks me up when libertards go on about economic Darwinism when they still live in their parent's basement.
by Jesse_the_Thief September 25, 2010
A long term relationship dynamic in which one member "pushes" the other other away if intimacy becomes too great or the relationship threatens to become "too serious", yet also "pulls" the pursuer back with signs of interest if the target begins to give up on pursuing the relationship. Typically this habit is the result of some one with a fear of commitment who craves the relationship yet is unwilling to give up the option of keeping all of their options open. Often a form of subtle indecisiveness, in this manner they can effectively stake a claim on the other member with their scent and keep them in relationship purgatory while still being able to jump on a better opportunity if one happens to come along.
I finally had to just break it off with her for good, she had been playing push-pull with me forever.
by Jesse_the_Thief September 14, 2011

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