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4 definitions by Jesse Winkler

That one thing that works really well, but no one remembers what it is. Normally used in relation to video games. Great for taunting your friend who is getting owned in a video game.
"Dude, what are you doing? Just speed bomber that n00b."

"...So finally I beat him with speed bomber." (Explaining how you beat someone or something long ago and can't remember how you did it anymore)
by Jesse Winkler January 26, 2006
Someone that is overtly condescending and cocky about their abilities and firmly believes in their own perfection. If you aren't as good as them (and you're not) it's because you're stupid.

Others dream and reminisce of the inevitable times when the cocky paladin meets some thing or person that simply destroys him, hopefully in a very humiliating fashion and always because of their cockiness.

Used most often in reference to video gaming, but works for real world also. Cocky paladins that are also flash bastards are true hate magnets.
(When someone is being a dick)
Dude, don't be another cocky paladin.
by Jesse Winkler February 19, 2008
Hugo from Street Fighter 3: First Strike. The name comes from Hugo's grapple attacks (hugs) wrecking your day. Pronounced "Hug Oh Bear".
OMFG, I'm continuing again... That fucking huggo bear and his lame ass moonsault press!
by Jesse Winkler January 24, 2007
Someone who is an experience whore in a video game.

For example, in Diablo II if the paladin always takes the experience shrines the instant he sees them regardless of who is behind in levels.

Also someone that leaves the party hanging for short periods of time in order to get experience/loot that will not be shared.
He named his paladin "flash bastard" for a reason...
by Jesse Winkler February 19, 2008