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Basic shinanigans with the subtle to extreme twist of bullshit. Can be used in a positive or negative context... doesn't really matter.
Bitch 1: " What are you up to guy?"
Bitch 2: " Oh you know. Same old bullshinanigans."
by Jesse Medeiros September 30, 2006
literally it5 means... well nothing. But figuratively it's the same as calling someone a fuckin douche.
1 Guy: I'ma punch you in yo mouf!
2 Guy: What?! Don't be a cockpouch!
by Jesse Medeiros November 03, 2006
Exactly what it sounds like.
Me: Hey! Hey you guy! You with the face! That shirt is gay as anal!
Guy with the Face: Eff you, buddy.
by Jesse Medeiros November 30, 2006

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