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+:) - a ascii drawing of a medic
"hello, I am a medic, I have come to medicationize you +:)"
by Jesse Fisher April 12, 2006
Robl - Rolling on bed laughing

One who laughs unconfined on their sleeping utility. However, in the unlikely event of one falling off their bed, the act will then be defined as "rofling"
"Hey bill, do you want to robl really hard?'
"Sure, tim, we're already in our beds!"
"why did the alligator gate?"
by Jesse Fisher April 12, 2006
lofr - Laughing on floor rolling

" john means that I ave da herb tyme on my ands which means that is a good joke LOLOLOLLOL"
by Jesse Fisher April 12, 2006
Low quality weed and or FUCKING SWAGG DAWG.
STONER: Yo wha the fuck homie, youz been ripin me off with this FO SHIZZLIN BUNKASSSHIT MO FAZZLIN.
Dealer: Osry
by Jesse Fisher November 06, 2006

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