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A woman who is a cum dumpster but dumber.
Tara is one stupid dumb cumster.
#dumb #cum #woman #retard #dumpster
by Jesse Brede July 30, 2008
A girl that only sleeps with RockStars and thus obtains some level of fame simply because of the penis that she's had inside her vagina.
That girl slept with every rock star I know, she's a Cockstar.
#rockstar #slut #whore #trick #ho
by Jesse Brede January 07, 2009
When you have so many clothes and random crap in your car that you can live out of it.
I haven't cleaned my car in 5 years, it has now become a clarset.
#clothes #cars #mashup #closet #dirty
by Jesse Brede January 07, 2009
The Honolulu Hotplate is like a cleveland steamer but it requires the recipient to put saran wrap over their face and the giver to eat some type of tropical meal the evening before hand. Instead of the feces being shat onto the users chest, the giver defecates onto the saran wrap in order for the recipient to enjoy the sensation of hot tropical poo but without the unfortunate mess. Its also used as a facial treatment in some remote areas around the world.
Last weekend, I was at a jack shack and enjoyed a Honalulu Hotplate.
#scat #tropical #sex #gross #funny
by Jesse Brede July 22, 2008
A person who is a loser because they are always snoozing.
Robby is a snoozer. He slept until 4 PM on Saturday and missed all the fun.
#snooze #sleep #loser #weaksauce #lazy
by Jesse Brede January 13, 2009
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