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192 definitions by Jesse

1. A band.
2. Nickname for the leader of the gang of kids in the movie Hook.
3. member, strong libertarian. Hated or loved. Smart.
4. Roofies? Those... date-rape drugs.
I was at a Rufio concert and Rufio tried to give Rufio some Roofies but she could see through the plot.
by Jesse January 26, 2004
132 100
Another term/word for a cigarette.
"Hey Joseph, you gotta stoke?"
by Jesse March 05, 2005
182 155
A white person lusting for black people. I have it personally!
The reason I can't stop checking Ashley out at work is my jungle fever... :-D
by jesse August 30, 2005
345 319
The same as damn only spelled dam in chat rooms and games so it doesn't regester as swearing.
Dam, that kid really sucked yesturday.
by Jesse December 21, 2004
58 34
A truly God Awful film. One of the worst films ever made. Made by fertilizer salesman Hal Warren on a bet that he could make a sucessful horror film.

Using $19,000, an old spring wound camera, made an unwatchable film. A film where Warren showed how amature his film was when he forgot to put the opening credits in.

A film where a man played by Warren, his wife, and his daughter stop at the inn of "The Master." The family meets Torgo and settle in for a night of horror. A featured part of the film is Warren's personal fantasy where women in translucent robes wrestle in the night. Disturbing in that the little girl becomes a wife of "The Master."
Proof that fertilizer sales people should never be allowed to make their own films.
by Jesse January 23, 2005
32 9
A truly God awful film that is almost unwatchable.
by Jesse January 23, 2005
27 4
One of the worst childhood traumas in existence today. When that tall chocolate bunny rabbit you get for Easter as a young child turns out to be hollow when you expected a rabbit full of creamy milk chocolate or fudge.
I had it and it was a horrible nightmare.
by Jesse August 11, 2004
32 9