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192 definitions by Jesse

When the passenger, upon entering an automobile, pulls the door handle at the same time the driver presses the "unlock" button. This creates a state of limbo where the driver thinks the door is unlocked, but the passenger cannot enter the vehichle. Until the driver presses the unlock button again (without the passenger's interference), the two said parties are stuck in a state of confusion, resulting in roadytart.
Charles popped the door handle twice - a signal that we were engaged in roadytart.
by Jesse March 16, 2005
Jerking off in the shower
I made shower babies the other day when my girlfriend was out of town
by Jesse October 29, 2003
after sex finding pubic hair stuck to the sides and base of your penis head that looks like the back of captain stubings head from the love boat
She had so much pubic hair when I pulled it out I thought I was staring at Captain Stubing on the bridge of the love boat
by jesse February 13, 2005
mexicoon means somebody that's half black half mexican.

coon=black person

lots of mexicoons live in texas
by Jesse June 02, 2004
A Republican who has ran out of ammunition.
by Jesse January 14, 2005
I agree homeslice
Foshiggity nigga!
by Jesse March 08, 2004
1. A band.
2. Nickname for the leader of the gang of kids in the movie Hook.
3. Youthink.com member, strong libertarian. Hated or loved. Smart.
4. Roofies? Those... date-rape drugs.
I was at a Rufio concert and Rufio tried to give Rufio some Roofies but she could see through the plot.
by Jesse January 26, 2004