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192 definitions by Jesse

a disturbance, loud obnoxious noise
principal: whats this ruckus?
student: I didnt hear a ruckus
principal: I heard a ruckus
student: can you describe this ruckus?
by jesse April 22, 2004
272 67
A FOX News Commentator who is a loudmouthed boor. A Republican zealot who thinks Bush can do no wrong. An oversexed middle aged man who chases younger women, and has perverted fantasies about scoring with these young women.
See also: pervert
See also: propaganda
See also: George W. Bush
by Jesse January 24, 2005
495 293
french kiss or make out
i got to 1st base with a hott chick at the movies
by jesse November 03, 2003
520 319
The true king of late night television. Lived from 1925-2005. Everyone else is only pale copies compared to him.
He hosted the Tonight Show for 30 years.
by Jesse January 25, 2005
167 17
1. To self-destruct, melt-down or implode under the weight of one's own arrogance. 2. To fail spectacularly, particularly in matters of warfare or diplomacy; to plunge into chaos. 3. Absolute, unmitigated disaster of national or international proportions and consequence; policy failure so utterly abject and miserable as to approach the realm of the epic.
"Although long considered to be a costly and murderous fiasco, the prisoner abuse scandal revealed the war in Iraq to be nothing short of a rumsfailure." See also: "Karma"
by jesse May 18, 2004
174 25
The shit-covered rope which you use to try to climb out of a mess which you are in. You see the shit kind of acts like grease, the harder you hold on, the faster you fall down, all the way to con college.
You're up a shit rope now boys
by Jesse February 27, 2005
193 51
Acid is
a) the really strong drug, known as LSD
b) the stuff that burns your face off if you somehow manage to get it there during chemistry class.
"I got some acid yesterday and I'm still trippin"


"God, I can't feel my face because i got acid on it last class period!!"
by Jesse March 06, 2005
215 89