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Origin: Resessive Mexicans.
A very kee and oss Mexican with white skin and red hair which carries many strange resessive traits. Mexes often do yard work or have pressure washing businesses. They generally like to squeeze into trucks with 3 or 4 other Mexicans in them. It can be used as a name or a noun. When generically used, it can also simply mean Mexican, but it generally refers to sweaty Mexicans doing yard work.
"Hey, look there's 18 Mexes in that Toyota truck! How oss!"
"Sam's a mex."
"Hey, Mex, are you done mowing my yard?
by Jesse May 03, 2004
a very young asian prostutute
hey that coco looks like she's only 5! Nice!
by jesse March 03, 2004
An evil person who acts very much like one of the Darths found in Star Wars. A person who is causing misery and suffering.
George W. Bush
Donald Rumsfeld
Christian Conservatives
by Jesse January 23, 2005
Something a southern person says to someone who is being dumb or stupid.
Lets all act a fool ,like Ludacris!
by jesse June 17, 2004
Something that is lame, uncool, stupid, or otherwise unworthy of further consideration.
"Man, that is so Amish that Susie dumped Jane! I wanted to get together with both of them!"
by Jesse October 15, 2004
A really good variety of green chile in New Mexico, though not as good as the green chile from the chile in the Espanola and Pilar area on the Northern Rio Grande
Man, that Hatch was hot enough to make my nose run. I could eat more!
by Jesse February 08, 2005
What Bill O'Reilly has shown himself to be when he approached a young female staffer for sexual favors.
See also the following:
by Jesse January 23, 2005

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