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After an intense session of analy intercourse the indivual pulls out and the receiver is left with a large gaping anal abyss that has direct site into the receivers anal cavity for a short time. The anal cavity actual opens and closes as though it were taking short quick breaths.
I fucked this chick in the ass so hard she had hardcore anal yawning, and I could smell her lower intestines.
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
The act of catching a fart in your hand (cupping the anus closely creating a seal) then tossing it in the direction of another individual preferably in their face.
I am the best at fart toss, I create the best seal for maximum odor.
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
When an individual who is intoxicated goes down to provide oral sex on a vagina, and passes out in a face full of pussay due to drunkeness.
That dude is such a vagina camper. He passed out before I could orgasm.
by Jessa Pee June 04, 2009
When an individual awakens to find a fresh loaf of shit laying on the pillow next to their face, and they do not know how it got there.
That's one damn spooky turd!
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
A fart that smells so bad you can see it.
Dude, where did that visual fart come from?
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
During the act of taking a painful shit the turd tears appart your insides causing a immense pain and significant anal bleeding. The turd is then coated in a juicy red liquid.
I just seriously shit a painful bloody butt nugget.
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
When a women with heavy flow is engaging in the act of taking a shit, and at the same time excretes a large amount of period juice, which combines in odor forming a rotten death smell of evil. This is doubly offensive if the women is shitting in a dirty bathroom.
Dude that shit smelled like menstrual death!
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
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