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Someone who can always brighten up youre day. Loyal and trustworthy, someone you know loves you for you. A friend who doesnt give herself enough credit. A overall wonderful sunny person, usually having large knockers. A person everyone should know.
"Megan is being sunny knockers today."

"She just is a sunny knockers"

"wow she's great"

"yeah i know right?! what an amazing friend"
by Jess Urban February 25, 2009
An Iggy penguin is:

1. A person who is a bundle of love that always gives more and expects nothing. Someone who will always put them selves out there and a true friend. The source of your happiness.
"jessica is such an iggy penguin"

"yeah shes always helping everyone out and being such a wonderful person."

"i think everyone loves her"
by Jess Urban February 25, 2009
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