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Patrick Stump is the sexy lead singer in the band Fall Out Boy. He can also play guitar. He has a hard time telling stories as you can see in the interviews on their website. He sometimes crosses the line trying to be funny but Pete Wentz is always close by to straighten that boy out. Like that Buffalo Bill joke. "Wanna Slip Into Something More Comfortable?" Lol. FOB fans know what I mean. He's slimmed down a bit but he was sexy even before he did.
Patrick Stump dislikes being called Pat because that's his moms name.
by Jess Jess July 17, 2005
One who is blessed with too many boners in 1 day
Nilhem loves to play DOA extreme beach volleyball for....."certain reasons"
by Jess Jess July 24, 2003
The term frequently used by Don Vito, Bam Margera, and his crew.
Bam: We're gonna find you a nice girl, Vito.
Don Vito: Habbala I dunna...I love nice girls!!
by Jess Jess July 17, 2005
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