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One who is of liberal politcal leanings and who possesses a great capacity for learning.
Yes, intelligent liberals exist, as do intelligent conservatives. Now stop your partisan whining.
by Jesiah March 12, 2004
An acronym for "University of Richmond." Located in Richmond, VA, USA.
All the goddamn rich kids go to UR.
by Jesiah February 15, 2004
See SCO.
The Litigious Bastards are now claiming that OSS violates the constitution.
by Jesiah February 15, 2004
1. to discuss politics
2. to cram your political opinions down someone elses throat.
"Politicizing" very well describes the horrible plague brought on urbandictionary.com by the childish liberals and conservatives.
by Jesiah February 24, 2004
An oxnard band with celebrity members Adolf Hitler, Richard Simmons, Bill Cosby, and Pamel Anderson.

see also emo
Total Resistance plays with various emo bands and their groupies.
by jesiah December 17, 2003

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