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2 definitions by Jeshka

A delicious cold beverage sure to brighten the mood of what may be some rough times. Originated upon a day following lack of sleep when said drink was noticed in a vending machine.
More appropriate use would specifically be a beer consumed in the morning before class, or any other activity where simply one drink could make a deifference.
-That sure looks like a frisky thirster!
by Jeshka January 14, 2008
A rather hideous person who is also quite large.A rhinoserousausage wears umcomfortably tight clothing that exposes their rolls of fat that hang over their pants.Mostly applied to Puerto Ricans who wear tight "Baby Phat" or "Roca" and "Ecko" clothing.
Guy One:"Dude did you see the rolls on that girl,she looked like an obese gorilla!"
Guy Two:"Man...someone give her Jenny Craig's number and Dr.90210's address,'cause that girls a rhinoserousausage!"
by Jeshka January 11, 2008