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The land where the pilgrims landed.
Massachusetts is one of the only two states in the the US to be in the International Cool Club(The other State being Connecticut), on that note, Massachusetts was the first state in the US to legalize gay marriage(Connecticut being the second).
"Massachusetts" is Algonquian for "Near the great little-mountains", or "at the great hill", usually identified as Great Blue Hill on the border of Milton and Canton, Massachusetts.

The capital of Massachusetts is Boston, named after the city of the same name in England, in fact, most names of places in Massachusetts come from places in England.

Many insults geared towards Massachusetts are outdated as are most stereotypes these days, For one "Taxachusetts" doesn't really make sense anymore as out of 50 states Massachusetts' taxes are ranked #34.

The population of Massachusetts is estimated 6,497,967, (87.89% White, 7.58% Black, 0.65% Natives, 5.13% Asian, 0.17% Pacific Islander)
Breakdown of Whites is 23.5% Irish, 13.5% Italian, 12.9% French/French Canadian, 11.4% English, 5.9% German.

Massachusetts also has large communities of people of Finnish and Swedish descent; Armenian, Lebanese (Worcester) descent, Greek Americans, Lithuanian Americans and Polish Americans. Massachusetts "Yankees," of colonial English ancestry, still have a strong presence.

The religious affiliations of the people of Massachusetts, according to a 2001 survey, are shown in the table below:
Christian – 69%
Catholic – 44%
Protestant – 22%
Baptist – 4%
Congregational/United Church of Christ – 3%
Episcopal – 3%
Methodist – 2%
Pentecostal – 2%
Other Protestant or general Protestant – 8%
Other or General Christian – 3%
Jewish – 2%
Other Religions – 6%
Non-Religious – 16%
Refused to answer – 7%

Another dated insult towards Bay stater's is the "Poor driving" insult, which is VERY dated as a recent study showed that Massachusetts actually has some of the better drivers in modern times.

The highest point in Massachusetts is Mount Greylock.

Massachusetts sports teams include Red soxs, Patriots(Although they technically represent New England not Massachusetts) and some other sports teams, but Sports don't really matter in Massachusetts, what does is Education!

Massachusetts contains many high class colleges and university's, Harvard, MIT, and many others.

While the original year it was measured is unknown, its in the records that the man with the worlds longest penis was from Framingham Massachusetts, and no man has beaten the record to this day.

Massachusetts is a very liberal and Democratic state, having been a blue state every year since 1984.

Massachusetts is home to Cape cod and Nantucket, which are of note because they're why it's called the Bay state.

The thing about Massachusetts is that while you can prove a US Stereotype in the south or on the west coast, in Massachusetts trying to see if a stereotype is true will get people angry with you because they'll be able to tell you're trying to see if they'll act stupid for your Canadian Television show and they'll Passive aggressively tell you that they aren't going to get any luck in Massachusetts.

In the end this is probably the longest but most accurate definition of Massachusetts on Urban Dictionary, and by the way, it isn't at all hard to pronounce or spell Massachusetts, Mah-sah-choo-sets, Two S's in Mass, two T's in Setts, An A after Mass, then a Chu, then Setts, it's very easy, if you can't pronounce it then you obviously aren't from Massachusetts.
as in "Obama didn't really need to campaign in Massachusetts after he got past the primary's, he knew they were going to vote for him", "I'm sorry I can't take the Homophobic slurs and abuse anymore, I'm moving to Massachusetts", "Another discovery at the University of Massachusetts today..."
by Jeshi January 10, 2009
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