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When someone burps and it smells like that of a hot texas weiner.
Who just burped? It smells like a weiner...Must be Burke and his hot dog burp
by Jervis Daniels October 24, 2009
"Milk", in this case, is a verb and it can be used for many different scenarios. You can milk someone by beating them up, tackling them, shitting on their face, squeezing their nuts, etc. You can milk something by rapidly stroking it until you reach equilibrium. Use the verb "milk" whenever you can.
I fucking milked that dude in Halo 3, destroyed him.
by Jervis Daniels October 24, 2009
A child who acts like a complete TIT
Look at little Johnny over there, he's such a titboy
by Jervis Daniels October 24, 2009

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