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As pertaining to or involving a stack of pancakes so large in height, depth, and width that it would impress Aunt Jemima.
Dad for breakfast I'm really hungry, I want a Jemimoth stack of pancakes!!
by Jersey Keaton May 25, 2006
Defining something that is shway, gangster, krunk, radical, keen, or anything that involves cool, especially when associated with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or the Rat pack.

This def. is based off of Johnny Fiama, a character from the Muppet Show and tokened as the ideal lounge singer that has affairs with monkeys.
Dude the way you took that guy out, roughed him up, took two shots of bourbon, and spat fire into his eyes was so Fiama!
by Jersey Keaton May 25, 2006

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