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11 definitions by Jersey Girl

Smilie shaped potatoe "food" things that some cafeterias in America's schools serve. Taste like french fries.
DUDE, they're serving them Happy Crappies today! Can ya get me 500 hundred of em?
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
5 9
A cute little store w/ exspensive looking clothes, but they're cheap. Many sluts within store.
Err, I just went to Forever 11, and the place was infested w/ hoes.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
6 24
A pretty big rival of Del Val.
Lucy:"Hey, look. There go our football guys again, kicking the asses of them North Hunterdon people."
Mary: "Um, we beat everyone."
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
15 63
There's a Kingwood in Texas, but we're here to discuss the true Kingwood- Kingwood, NJ. A small country town. Good school system. Called K-Wood by select students of Kingwood Township.
We're cool, cuz we from K-Wood.
by Jersey Girl February 21, 2004
25 265