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New York and New Jersey's way of saying very, it is similar to hella, wicked.
I had mad amounts of homework in school.
I hate that punk, he's mad gay.
Dude, that chick is mad hot.

by Jersey kid November 29, 2007
East Coast is the Beast Coast. Fuck West may be Best but we Beast at everything and we taken over. With NY, Boston, Newark, Philly, D.C, Baltimore, Charleston, Atlanta, Montgomery, and Miami we are fucking awesome.
West may be best but Beast Coast runs this and we taken over the game.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
A pretty cool west coast state.

- Not everything is a picture perfect beach like MTV wants you to believe. They have ghettos, deserts, boring suburbs, just like the rest of america. However I've been to La Jolla Beach, San Diego and the water was beautiful, so I'm not saying there are no good beaches, I'm saying that that there is more to the state than beaches.

- I don't get why people from Cali brag about how "ghetto" their state is. Being ghetto isn't a good thing, it means you are more likely to be killed, get an std, and be poor. But a lot of rappers come from California, tupac,dre, snoop dog, e-40, mac dre, etc. so they have contributed to the hip-hop industry

- Not everyone is hot. Yes, there are very beautiful people living in California but be realistic, around 30 million people live there, do you think that every last one of them is hot? Especially since a large number of them are little kids, old people, and fat people.

- I don't get why we have this East Coast Vs. West coast thing. How bout we accept the facts that we have different styles but we both offer a lot of good things? I was born in New York and I don't hate the west coast that would stupid. How can you hate a place just becuase it's not where you live? When people say the East Coast sucks, they're dissing states from Maine to Florida, so your basically dissing America which if your from the west coast is your country as well.

- Yes Illegal immigration is a problem but it's still a problem in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and other states to. I live in New Jersey and we have the same problem so it's not California. Also don't be so harsh, yes Illegal should be documented and put on goverment records but if they wanna work, become Americans, and support their family than good for them.

- Lots of cool cities, San Fran, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego.

So overall I love California as a state.
East Coast Vs. West Coast is stupid. California is great and so is New York. America rocks.
by Jersey Kid January 22, 2008
It's true, the east coast is pretty beast. Awesome cities, NYC, Boston, Philly, ATL, Miami etc. Great food, Italian, Chinese, Cuban, French, etc. The west coast only has one good state, California is cool, but Oregon and Washington? Pretty lame. Plus east coast is the original America. We strech from Maine to Florida, we beastttt at everything including sports. NY Giants Superbowl champions 0'8. NY Yankees pretty beast, and ATL Braves are awesome too. So you can have your one good state while we have like 13
West Coaster: West coast is like the best coast =]!

Me: Might as well call it the California Coast, no body gives a fuck about Oregon or Washington, the only thing that california has that we don't is good weather year round, so yea EAST COAST IS THE BEAST COAST
by Jersey Kid April 06, 2008
The nice or politcally correct word for a stripper. It doesn't make sense because their is nothing exotic about taking off your clothes and grinding on a pull. I'm not hating on strippers you gotta do what you gotta do to make your money. I'm just saying the term extoic dancer doesn't make complete sense.
Just call it what it is, stripping. Exotic dancer is just a nicer way of putting it. A lot of people use it as a way to make money and get by so I'm not hating on them, everyone has to make their money somehow.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
A great rapper from Houston, Texas. Nicknamed the Mixtape Messiah. All of his raps are powerful, fierce, and clever. He actually comments on real issues in todays society, in his songs Morning News, and Evening News. He wasn't afriad to say the truth about Hurricane Katrina, George Bush, Corrupt Cops, Whack rappers, Media, bad music, how if blacks become smart they are considered whites, paying taxes, welfare, struggle of daily life, Drugs, Ciggaretts and how people working at Mc Donalds are like slaves. He tells the truth in a fierce, clever way. He is an excellent rapper especially compared to other maninstream rappers.
Chamillionaire speaks the truth in a powerfull, honest, clever way. He's not just another black rapper he is unique.
by Jersey Kid November 22, 2007
A hurricane that struck the gulf coast in August, 2005. The city of New Orleans and the Mississippi coast were destroyed. Many people lost their lives, black, white, hispanic, asian, does it really matter? the point is the storm was horrible. People get caught up (Kanye West) and say "George Bush doesn't care about black people". Not only black people people lived in New Orleans. and I think a more accurate statement would be "George bush doesn't care about people." When people die and a city is lost why do people look at races and blame people? The point is innocent people died, R.I.P. New Orleans is like Atlantis once a thriving city now under water. Hopefully New Orleans will get back on its feet and thrive like it used to.
All races are equal. Hurricane Katrina wasn't racist, she killed anyone in her way, so don't be ignorant and say only black people died.
by Jersey Kid November 28, 2007
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