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A massive radio-cassette player, usually carried by stoned and thuggish black youths.
"Look at that cocky twat with his Brixton briefcase blaring out niggershit"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
A useful generic term for anyone who's dull, dirty, mentally retarded and stinks a bit. Derived from an episode of the Young Ones (British comedy series c.1983).
"Spazbecker the dull!"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
A twat who thinks he's hard because he slaps women around.
"I kicked clayson's miserable fucking head in after I caught him beating on his woman"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
Very very shit nu-metal / skate / grunge band that split up acrimoniously after some gay rock magazine had the temerity to slate them. Now used as a generic term for any band that suck shit.
"Jnr Loaded were expelled from Satan's rectum"
"The Stones used to be good, they're fucking Jnr Loaded now"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
An exclamation of disgust with someone deeply fucking stupid. Very handy when some stupid chav doesn't get a joke.
"Well, do you get it?"
"Ah, go bollocks"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
The practice of whooping, screeching and shouting like a fucking retard at any concert, show, gig, sporting event or whatever, usually accompanied by much air-punching, stupid hand gestures and acting like a retarded American teenage cunt with stupid parents and an MTV fixation.
"Dave did the yankee doodle wanky at the Bangles gig. I was so embarrassed."
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
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