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(v.) The act of intercourse, often comical, that involves a sexual position that resembles video footage from the Animal Planet. Often orgies that end in disgust or violence are the result of a good scroggin'.
Look at them two bullfrogs scroggin'.

Damn, where's the water hose Ray and Reeta are scroggin' on the keg again.
by Jerry Kurl November 07, 2006
(n.) A condition of the male reproductive organ that causes extreme pain when urinating, orgasming, or becoming erect. Caused by lack of soap on ones genitals for an extended period of time. Most often transmitted from females with infested genitals to males who are too intoxicated to make intelligent decisions. Only one cure is known, Chechnyan Deuche
Ray got his fuck on with that one bitch Reeta last night and is sure to have caught the stiffolis.
by Jerry Kurl November 07, 2006
(adj.) (southern American states) The state of being infested. Occupation of one's life by a disease, lowly group of individuals, parasites, incects, etc.
Ray is infesticated with crabs ever since he started scroggin' that Reeta.
by Jerry Kurl November 07, 2006
(n.) a large joint that compares to a blunt. Most of the time rolled with numerous papers or a page from the holy bible. See WMB's
Damn did you use the whole new testement on that WMB? No this white man's blunt is just a QP and a book of JOB 1.5
by Jerry Kurl November 09, 2006
(n.) A xanax pill that is blue and shaped like a footbal (kinda). Takes about ten of them to get off so i prefer four bars.
Three bucks for blue footballs, fuck that i never pay more than $2.
by Jerry Kurl November 09, 2006
(n.) A joint rolled out of a page from the bible. Also known as a holy roller.
Dude get your grandma's bible and lets blaze the holy roint.
by Jerry Kurl November 09, 2006
(pronounced "foreigner")
(n.) Two or more standard sized joints rolled into one much longer joint. Also known as the white man's blunt.
I haven't smoked all day man I'm rolling up a fourener.
by Jerry Kurl November 09, 2006

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