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The unofficial holiday dubbed Crikey. A time when network television remembers Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) and usaully plays repeats of his shows.
Dude I called off today becuase today is September 4th the day crikey died and I'm staying home to watch the Marathon of the The Crocodile hunter on Discovery channel.

Crikey TLC will be commercial free on September 4th in remembrance of Steve Irwin.

by Jerry Green July 18, 2007
The symbol of the worst hairsyle known to man as the mullet
Looking at your fucking mullet sideways looks like a god damn 7 made out of hair

Hey Fucktard how about you get rid of that 7?

I went to the baber shop and the sign read buzz cut six dollars and 7's seven dollars, what a rip off!
by Jerry Green July 18, 2007
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