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98 definitions by Jerry

1. The twelfth month in the Roman calendar system.
2. A time of extreme depression and anxiety.
3. A period of time that is the outcome of the dissipation of a romantic relationship.
1. "December is universally known as the month for the birth of the Christian savior, Jesus."
2. "John's december is taking a toll on his physically and mentally."
3. "My december was at least six months long, from when she broke up with me to the time of where I was able to ask another girl out."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
145 206
a happy, pleasurable state of mind usually used after smokin tree, drinking alot of alki or havin sex
man i smoke a blunt and 3 40s like 20 mins ago, i'm on cloud nine
by Jerry February 16, 2004
137 199
a person who is not heterosexual or homosexual but bisexual is a metrop sexual
metro sexual becomes metrop sexual
by jerry March 08, 2004
10 91
The act of kissing someone's spine, lower back, or shoulder blades. It is to incite arousal and pleasure in the receiver, and, depending on the person, to make her feel as though he or she has been tickled.
"She really loves to get a spinal tap before we get really intimate."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
25 108
1. American president from, currently, 2000-2004. Registered as a Republican, he takes the term and twists it until it is barley recognizable. He supports large government, higher taxes, high spending, etc. This is not conservative behavior, but rather that of a liberal. Often blamed by the media, Democrats, and various others as a "neo-Nazi," "village idiot," or "Texas warmonger," he is not that bad of a president. His term has been, obviously, a difficult one, with the 9/11 attacks and the outcome of those attacks. Many Democrats believe that Bush is solely responsible for the 9/11 faulty intelligence, but that is hogwash. The CIA, FBI, and multiple nations, including France, Spain, and Britain, agreed with this intelligence. Also, presidential candidate John Kerry voted for the same intelligence for reasoning for going into war. Likewise, it is not just Bush's fault. The economy is also not Bush's full fault. Current events in the United States, as well as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have impacted the economy. Of course, these events were not all caused by President Bush himself, but rather by various others within the system.
2. A political punching bag used by Democrats to make them look better by comparison.
3. Michael Moore's way to make a trillion dollars by doing what has been done so many times before for the last four years.
4. A fake Republican president that is a disgrace to conservatives everywhere.
"George W. Bush is not a Republican, yet he is not a facist like the Democrats have you believe."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
34 136
We have driving dodges for years
And have very few problems,1998 ram 1500 100000 miles still runnin strong
by JERRY December 06, 2003
54 187
A term used when annoyed with a person.
Why dont you go pound sand up your ass Chad!
by Jerry July 13, 2003
238 565