10 definitions by Jerry Tischleder

A friend group is a collection of people from one part of your life, who don't necessarily know people from your other friend groups.
1. "This is going to be fucked tonight, like 3 of my friend groups are all blending at this party."

2. "I can't believe my co-workers, my BFF from grade school, and my grrls are all going to be here tonight. How random! I hate it when my friend groups collide - aarrggh!
by Jerry Tischleder June 09, 2008
An action where you cup a fart in your hand and then deliver it to another person's nose. The question, 'cup o'tea?' is then phrased.
"cup o' tea?"
"That shit is fucked man... you rotten.
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
The state of being on top of your game, i.e. livin large.
"How you livin, foo?"

"Large and in charge homeslice - I just got paid!"
by Jerry Tischleder June 10, 2008

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