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Master over the world of the Vipjemon

He uses his GR to get random numbers using the randInt() function. These random numbers decide what happens in the vipjeworld
Look! A brand new episode of Tank Rush Spider Hour, featuring the Visjelords GR
by Jeroegiekoezl January 21, 2004
This test exams a Vipjemon player to check his knowledge about the Vipjemon world. An Exxegussetest examinator must be qualified, or he/she will have to pay a fine to the Visjelord
Examinator: 'How styleful, you urinated over your exam form! Here, 10 points extra'

Vipjemon player: 'Gee thanks sir, i tried to glue some pubes to the paper but i couldnt find my scissors'
by Jeroegiekoezl January 21, 2004
word applying to the world of Vipjemon
Note: altough Vipjemon battles may seem quite random, the player with the most points for his Exxegussetest always wins
by Jeroegiekoezl January 21, 2004

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