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One of the most influential people in the entertainment industry today. Consults, writes for Major as well as independent artists, actors. Very private person, that keeps a very low profile. He has written for TV shows, acted as a child actor in Film. Jon has also been in the rap industry for years helping out independent artists, he is known as the Guru. He has created inventions that help everyday use. It seems there nothing this man can't do a "Jack of all Trades" but a "Master of All".

Alt Bio
Songwriter, rapper that has helped out alot of independent rap artists. aka Jon Luvelli. A rapper himself that refuses to release tracks to any major label, but is said to have hundreds of tracks. Known in for the tracks "Sorry Homie aka Sorry I fucked your bitch", "Pimpin Ain't Easy", "Take Dat", and song forced on him by record label politics "Mamacita", and a few more, which he refused to support and only did one take on the song.
Also ran an adult magazine called "Swingers". Claims Cali, Arizona and Missouri as his homes.
"always though she was lookin at me with some x-ray wishes just ta peep da LD, didn't wanna show er U.S. GRADE A Beef, otherwise she'd be all ova me... excert from the song "SORRY HOMIE" LUVELLI a.k.a Jon Luvelli 2001
by JerodtheThespian July 30, 2006

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