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To be harveryed. When one is deemed to be harveyed one has drunk oneself into a comma using generic vodka at a party. The result of this coma usually involved the person who has been harveyed projectile vomiting in a dog cage followed shortly by passing out in a feild. One can only be said to be truly harveyed if ones parents are called in the small hours of the morning to collect their comatosed child.
"Hello Mrs Harvey, would you be able to come and collect Andrew, he's been harveyed."
by Jermain Jerome October 01, 2006
The joss-o-meter is a system for rating comical, unique or once in a life time events. The joss-o-meter is named after the human rating machine Joss who is the font of all knowledge with regards to rating classic events.

There are seven ratings on the normal joss-o-meter which are:

classendary - for the most amazing events

bloody brilliant - for that which seems classendary at the time yet wears off with age

classic - frequently remenissed over events such as "the bundle incident"

legendary - mostly reserved for people you would go to the pub with

average - that which is not worth rating

crap - events which are hyped and turn out to be below par

a bit shit - the worst people and things on the planet, such as George W Bush, Liberal Democrats, the Holocaust and rape.

"Wow, I would rate that party last night as classic on the joss-o-meter."
by Jermain Jerome October 02, 2006
Classendary is an adjective reserved to describe the most awesome, aweinspiring and fantastic things in every day life. The word classendary is derived from the English words, "classic" and "legendary" to form one word that sum up a feel of total euphoria and happiness in a moment.

Things that can be described as "classendary" include:
- Daniel Ferg
- Hitching a lift home with an Irish guy from a party the night before
- Trains
- Watching a person get harveyed
- An unusually comical event
- The name Dave

Somthing that is classendary usually lives for ever in the memories of those who christen it as classendary. Classendary is the highest rating of the Joss-o-meter.
Dave - "Do you remember that time when we clapped in Harvey's mum while singing, "you're not drinking, you're not drinking, you're not drinking any more?"

Me - "Yeah, it was classendary."
by Jermain Jerome October 01, 2006
Kurrans, the collective noun for those on EMA (education maintence allowance) in the United Kingdom who do not deserve to be on said benefits. Kurrans are usually liberal in their political persuasion, do very little work and have a large disposable income. See Yindie

"Why look over there, a kurrans of benefit scroungers."
by Jermain Jerome September 16, 2006
Anger-time is a term used to define a moment of pure frustration and anger at a situation. Anger-time usually comes about with a level of disgust at an entity such as public transport, some level of injustice or liberals.

Like hammer-time, anger-time can only be initiated by the call of "STOP..." followed by the word, "anger-time".
Dave: "STOP..."

Me: "What?"

Dave: "Anger-time!"
by Jermain Jerome October 09, 2006

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