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Jecolia or Jecoliah comes from the Bible in the 2nd book of Chronicles.

She was the wife of King Amaziah, and mother of King Uzziah

Her name means able through Jehovah

Jecolia enjoys watching Law shows, specifically Law and Order and she is a very compassionate person. She will tell you to shut up while pausing her DVR and the next hour, after the show is over, ask you if you want to do something fun. She will love you even when you don't deserve it and even after she has complained about you to other people she will still be there for you. But do not let Jecolia completely cut you off because she has a good memory and an even better ability to hold her ground versus people who have done her wrong. Deep down, Jecolia is one who can appreciate many things whether they be superficial, physical, spiritual, or emotional. At times when you think you have figured Jecolia out, you realize you havent. At times it may seem as if she is overly dominating a conversation but this is often misunderstood because of her belief in the subject she is talking. She loves, and she loves hard. She may seem shy at first but that is because she is just evaluating you, very well. If you manage to get close to Jecolia, appreciate it.

Also can be substituted for the word "intimidating" and "Woo hoo!"
"JECOLIA! We just scored a touchdown!"

Better watch out, she looks as mad as a Jecolia right now.

"Oh her..nothin..she's Jecolian it up at the house today watchin TV"
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by Jerm867 February 05, 2010
Originally used as "Laugh out Loud" but now it has other uses, specifically to break up a tense mood in a conversation, try to ask an awkward question, or trying not to be rude. It is not a statement of laughter at all, rather it has evolved into an added word that makes difficult conversations more bearable through text, email, and instant messaging.
Person 1: "Hey so I saw you peeking through my window yesterday while I was undressing, lol"
Person 2: "Oh yeah..lol"
Person 1: "That's kinda creepy, lol"


Person 1: "Hey I just wanted to ask...were you the one that stole my wallet? It had all of my important credit cards, point cards, and my gym membership, not to mention a lot of cash,and 20 people say they saw you took it...just asking, lol"
Person 2: "Yeah, i took it and charged everything, cashed out your points, and worked out today, oh and I had a race to see how fast I could spend your money, lol"
Person 1:........lol......
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by Jerm867 February 05, 2010
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