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Robep is an animated reindeer, who, with his best friend Rocksteady, careen around the neighbourhood bringing joy and love to everyone they see there.

Except Jewdolph. The Red nose Reindeer.

Who is specifically NOT allowed to join in their Reindeer Games.
"Hey Robep and Rocksteady! Can I join in your reindeer games?"
"Fuck Off."

"Wow cool, it's Robep and Rocksteady, come to brighten our day with some hearty mischief!"
by Jerkston Alfalfa January 15, 2009
The practice, nay, ART of making up food as you go along to cover a previous mistake.

Usually used in a professional capacity in Restaurants when you have run out of something, but haven't told the customer, or making something you've forgotten to do.
Example 1:

Chef #1:Hey dude, this bag of prawns isn't cooked

Ninja Chef:Stick them in the Dishwasher

Chef #1:That guy is a true "Cordon Blag" artist.

Example 2:

Chef 1#: We haven't got any lamb curry left

Ninja chef: Just chop up a lamb shank, add roast vegetables, curry paste and microwave. Done.

Chef #1: Isn't that unethical

Ninja Chef: Silence you!
by Jerkston Alfalfa April 10, 2009

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