1 definition by Jerk595

A retarded duchebag that probably came out from the wrong hole during his birth .

He thinks he's a gangster, but he shots himself in the chest (what kind of gangster is that).

That piece of shit is killing Hip-Hop.

He sings about hoes, money, car and even claims himself sexy, but looks like a living diarrhea.

His only fans are rich little kids thinking being in the ghetto is the shit, don't know anything about Hip-Hop and the only word these retarded are saying is hater, thinking it's killing people or something.

The following line is in every songs that egocentric bitch made: I'm_____ like ______ (This is sooo poetic)

Lil Wayne is also a member of YMCMB, witch means: Young Monkeys Creating Major Bullshit.
Dumbass: YO MAAAN. Did you hear the last Weezy (Lil Wayne) songs.

Me: Oh, you mean the one that talks about that whore he fucked? No.

Dumbass: Yooo why are you hatiiiiing.

Me: -__-
by Jerk595 April 12, 2012

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