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Using the military alphabet to spell out the acronym for "Down to Fuck" (DTF).
I knew that becky was Delta Tango Foxtrot when she grabbed my cock in the bar.
by Jereth Cutestory February 08, 2010
When you play just the tip with your lady friend.
That becky definitely seemed like she was Delta Foxtrot Tango, but she only let him play tipski.
by Jereth Cutestory February 08, 2010
Thumb holders are another name for the back dimples on a chick because they serve as perfect thumb holders when plowing it doggy style.
Did you see Megan's thumb holders above her whale tail? I'd saddle up and ride.
by Jereth Cutestory June 22, 2010
A night of drinking that routinely turns into gals stripping off their clothes and getting rowdy naked.
Did you see those drunk bitches playing Stripadelphia last night in the bar? Maybe they'll let me play tipski.
by Jereth Cutestory February 23, 2010
When a chick is performing the pterodactyl, the guys rotate positions so that each one can get some dactyl spit on their dick.
That little ho wanted to play ring around the dactyl, so we all saddled up and rotated on that bitch until bukkake time.
by Jereth Cutestory February 17, 2010

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