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2 definitions by Jeremyz Parkerz SWE

A trend that lames follow( chuck taylors= Wiz Khalifa, Nappy air fro= Wiz Khalifa, Mario t-shirts= New Boyz, Snap backs, aeropostale=travis porter the word swag=soulja boy
Dude 1: those are some cool chuck taylors dude, i have the same pair, i wear a different color everyday.

Dude 2: Are you gonna get a mohawk like travis porter too?!

Dude 1: Hell YEAH

Sway Dude: Such a swag fad
by Jeremyz Parkerz SWE May 06, 2012
To reach a level of swag that is so swagged out it is on another level, which is sway
Dude 1: That guy has some sort of syle but its bigger than swag.

Dude 2: It is sway!
by Jeremyz Parkerz SWE May 06, 2012