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a) the piece of a slice of ham which hangs outside the bread when a sandwich or toastie is prepared and, if not tucked back in, can burn and spoil the finished product.

b) parts of the labia which protrude from either side or both sides of the gusset of women's panties or g-string.
a) "Watch the other side of your sandwich, Horatio - there's a ham overhang and you don't want it to burn in the toaster!"

b) "Check out the babe with the tartan mini on, Ephraim - when she uncrosses her legs there's a clear ham overhang!"
by Jeremyhotpepper August 06, 2011
(verb) To add a new phrase or word to Urban Dictionary.
Then UD it, dude. UD it. Could be word of the day!
by Jeremyhotpepper August 05, 2011

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