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1 definition by Jeremy Vicious

Suburban town in MOCO where adults make almost as much money as those in near-by Potomac. The prep population is massive and ranges from 13 year old hookers to 17 year old ex-football players that suck at lacrosse. Very similar to Potomac, although there is a smaller population of Asians and even a tiny population of down-to-earth punks who enjoy scaring their prep classmates, fighting the man, and tagging benches in the multi-million dollar public parks. Even with all their money, all kids end up doing is going to the Montgomery Aquatic Center (because swimming outside, besides in the pool in your backyard is just unsanitary, and anyway, you might bump into some wangsters at a public pool in Rockville) and skateboarding badly up and down Wisconsin Avenue going to Mongolian BBQ for 10 minutes at a time and only eating half a plate. Most kids live less than 15 blocks away from Whitman High, but instead decide to A) Nag their parents to buy them a car worth at least $15,000 B) Go to Landon or Georgetown Prep and tell all your friends you're doing a girl at Holy Cross or finally C) Vice versa.
Bethesda kid #1: Yesterday I saw these emo kids hanging out in the park I was driving past in my new Mercedes.

Bethesda kid #2: EEEWWW you saw emo kids??

Bethesda Kid #3: Did you throw anything at them?

Bethesda Kid #1: I would have, but I didn't wanna get outta my car and get my new Lacoste all polleny.

(silence while checking voicemail on their new sidekicks)

Bethesda kid #2: HEY-let's go to Monogolian BBQ!

by Jeremy Vicious September 11, 2006