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Goose bump (AKA pilo-erection).
That song is so cool it gives me hair boners.
by Jeremy Sherman May 05, 2008
Preserving and broadcasting your ideas (memes) well past your lifetime just as cryogenics preserves bodies. Cryomemetic services offer to maintain your blog, podcast and vodcast for 100 years or longer.
You know what I'm getting dad for his 70th? Cryomemetic services. I think he'd like nothing more than knowing his stories will live on.
by Jeremy Sherman May 28, 2008
The ideational equivalent of genocide. A meme is an idea. Memes are to cultural evolution what genes are to biological evolution, any idea that spreads or doesn't dependent upon culture's evolutionary process. Memocide therefore is any sort of absolute-faith-based fundamentalism, a holy war to eradicate from culture all traces of an idea considered evil by someone whose confidence level in a countervailing idea reaches 100%.
Did my folks like my punk music? Are you kidding? Their response was memocide. If they could, they would have eradicated punk not just from our house but from the universe!
by Jeremy Sherman June 02, 2008
All talk; no follow-through
Dude, that web designer you sent me, a bad case of battleship mouth;rowboat ass. After we contracted, he never even called me back.
by Jeremy Sherman June 10, 2008
A new treatment for removing unsightly wrinkles from scrotum.
He was the ultimate metrosexual, not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle anywhere. I swear, when they finally invent scrotox he'll be first in line for a treatment.
by Jeremy Sherman January 28, 2009
The endorphin rush one gets when endorsed. The glow of adulation, the purr provoked by praise
They cupcake all the time, high as a kite on endorphment.
by Jeremy Sherman May 05, 2008

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