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2 definitions by Jeremy Plume

Fat Breath, when one is potbellied, blubbery , plump, voluptuous, weighty, double-chinned, corpulent, jowly, pudgy, tubby, roly-poly, fattish, fleshy, portly, stout or chunky. Typically means that the individual either:
1. Has the odor of rancid lard


2. Is fat in general, and is used as a nic-name.
"Hey Fat Breath, did you want to upsize your fries?"
by Jeremy Plume May 28, 2008
A Girlfriend Catcher, is someone who does NOT have sucess with the ladies. Typically, they have never dated a girl ever, and never even flirt. Can also be known as being green. Not to be confused with being homosexual.
Sarcastically: "Oh Well, You're Quite The Girlfriend Catcher, arn't you?"
by Jeremy Plume May 26, 2008