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A strange, pseudo-science cult founded by science fiction author, L Ron Hubbard in 1952. Scientology claims to be able to cure any type of disease such as diabeetus aids or even "cure" homosexuality. Apparantly, that appealed to many famous actors like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, because they seemed to flock towards the strange cult. The "CHURCHES" main practice is Dianetics, a half assed pile of crap which was advertised as a "self help" treatment, even though it just advertises the shitty cult it was spawned from.

Scientology is subject to many lulz from message boards, encyclopedia dramaitica, and many other peoples on the internet. Scientology is surrounded in controversy since its founding, and the creator of this monstrocity of a religion's moralities were questioned after being discharged from the navy, and being permanantly banished from England.
scientology is scary :O
by Jeremy Orkin June 19, 2010
Deviant art, is the website where furries, and other types of asspies feel free to draw pictures of naruto, and sonic the hedgehog. Unfortunately, the deviant art website IS home to "hardcore" furries.

Regardless, it is still a furries paradise and a cesspool of bad drawings.
The furries went on deviant art yesterday, and fapped.
by Jeremy Orkin February 26, 2010
A website where people write wiki articles, about everything that is worthy of being mocked. Every single element of "ED" is hilarious.

Some of the things being satired on "ED" are scientology trolls live journal mudkips furries, and ass pies
ass pies and furries, hate encyclopedia dramatica, because it makes fun of them.
by Jeremy Orkin February 26, 2010

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