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3 definitions by Jeremy Hammond

Long Island Hockey Punk
Matt Emerich like two man way too much
by Jeremy Hammond February 01, 2003
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A ncrappy band that yes, can not do a cover of nirvana, however, when trying, weren't trying to make it good. The purpose was to fill time, not to impress fat annoying assholes like Josh steinberg. By the way you fat wreck, it would be pronounced bad-band. The 'd' is not an extra syllable, you dumb dip shit
Spud sucks some major ass, even though they're better than anything Josh has ever done, and ever will.
by Jeremy Hammond February 01, 2003
3 22
The most important time. It's the time when you will die...okay not really...It's the name of the ultimate north shore band, as well as a time on the clock and stuff
9:15 is so much better than Josh steinberg and his stupid fatness.
by Jeremy Hammond February 01, 2003
3 77