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2 definitions by Jeremy Campell

Short for World of Warcraft influenza. An illness similar to a mild version in the flu, caused by an addiction to the Blizzard Entertainment PC game World of Warcraft. It results in further extreme dependence on said game and often confines the victim to his or her computer for many weeks without food or water to spare.
Normal student: Hey Derek, why weren't you in school today?
Derek Miller: I came down with a serious case of WoWfluenza, now I'm dehydrated and can't sleep without playing for at least 15 hours a day
by Jeremy Campell January 31, 2005
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See Trick Daddy Hendrickson.

Cross-country champion of Haddonfield, New Jersey. He is known for a dark silence comparable to that of Calvin Coolidge and his ability to heal the mind with genetic psychosis. Trick Daddy once narrowly escaped death by using his running skills to evade a Confederate General in his pickup truck near the woods. He is a Viking.

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Hello sir would you please hold my dog while I tie my shoe 4 running????/

by Jeremy Campell January 31, 2005
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