3 definitions by Jeremy (i.e. midget, i.e., hey butter wanna play lord of the rings?)

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A torsoless midget is one who was born with normal legs and arms and a very large penis while having half an upper body (torso) He is loved by all and very popular witht he ladies. and usally fucks fat hoes.
I am a torso less midget with a very large penis. I am a fucking tripod. Yeah Boy!
A cunt punter is somone who after having sex with a female pushes her towards the front door and kicks her in the cunt right out the door.
Butters donkey fucked his ex girlfriend , after finisheing he cunt punted that whore out the door. He is such a cunt punter! Yeah Boy!
Some one who is under (and i have reshrched this fact) 4' 8" is a midget. a drawf is under 4'2". I am 4' 10" which is not legally a midget to qualify for certien benifits. So all you mother fuckers who think i a m one FUCK OFF YOU WANKER!
Valerie is a white midget, with a black chicks ass! Yeah Boy!
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