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The state with the smallest population of 444,000 as of 2000. Also has only one city (Cheyenne) and only a few mentionable big towns such as Cody, Sheridan, and Laramie. In the winter, it stays below 0 for about 3 months specially in the west, and in the summer, the east gets anally hot, up to the 100s. There is nothing to do in Wyoming except for ski. If you are in eastern Wyoming, you are fucked, your better of in Kansas
Wow, id rather live in North Dakota then have to spend a week in Wyoming
by jeremy December 06, 2003
a historic site where lots of people DIED.
Oh yeh, I died at Pearl Harbor.
by jeremy February 06, 2003
A word derived from the motherland of Poland and now used commonly in the northeastern part of the United States and Canada.It is used in context with Polish people and roundheads. Can also be found as a prefix to Mosh. (YosheeMosh)
I have mosh, you love yosh, a shnagga doan-ah!

hey look! its R-Yosh!
by jeremy June 02, 2004
The exact definition isn't known, but it can be used to refer to someone of less superiority to the user.
Jimmy: Hey ... he is a goocher!

Frank: What's a "goocher", Jimmy?

Jimmy: I don't know ... but I think we have to kill him.
by Jeremy May 04, 2005
Fuck Wolf's Mum
Hey John, i'd love to FWM
by Jeremy January 27, 2003
Leslie. Anyone named Leslie is Purple hair.

Other words, same concept: Purple Kitten, Purple Rain, Purple Happy Times woman, Leisurely of Purple.
Purple Hair sure is dressing sexy today.
by Jeremy November 07, 2004
1) State in the USA
2) Mid-grade weed
1)Arizona is a wack state.
2)I just copped 3 grams of that Mid- Ari!!
by JeReMy January 09, 2005

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